Hay & Straw Products

Locally Grown, Farmer Owned.

Grass Hay, Straw, and Alfalfa are available by the bale, products are all subject to seasonal availability, please call to check what we have in stock.

2ND Cutting Compressed ALFALFA bales

Easy to handle, small compressed 1st cutting Alfalfa bales weigh approximately 58 lbs. Buy it buy the bale or purchase a bundle of 12. 

Bale Size: 18″x16″x18″
Bale Price: $12 
Bundle Price (18 bales): $198


Easy to handle, 2-string square bales weigh approximately 68lbs. Mix of Orchard, Timothy, and Brome grasses.

Bale Size: 15″x 18″x 45″
Bale Price: $10
30 or more Bales: $10 per bale 

Orchard Grass Mix – Large Bales 

Orchardgrass, Timothy, Brome hay, avg. 1215lbs. 

Bale Size: 3’x4’x8′
Bale Price: $150

3Rd Cutting Alfalfa-Large bales

2nd cutting Alfalfa bales weigh approximately 1250 lbs. 

Bale Size: 3’x4’x8′
Bale Price: $155

Pine Shavings

Cozy Den Premium Pine Shavings. 3.6 cubic feet compressed, 10 cubic feet expanded.


barley Straw

Easy to handle, regular straw bales weigh approximately 68 lbs. 

Bale Size:  15″x 18″x 45″
Bale Price: $10


Large straw bales weigh approximately 800-850 lbs. 

Bale Size: 3’x4’x8′
Bale Price: [OUT OF STOCK]
Your Locally owned hometown feed store

We are proud to be your full service, local, commercial feed mill offering a wide selection of livestock feed, including several Non-GMO varieties.

We work with nutritionists from various mineral companies to formulate a variety of different mixes using mostly Northwest grains. Then, we fortify them with species-specific mineral premixes to produce complete commercial feeds.

We now offer 45 feeds registered with the Idaho State Department of Agriculture, 19 of which are Non-GMO. We also offer custom formula feeds for those who need something a little different.